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My favorite dairy farm

Schoch Dairy and Creamery Farm

Farm Fresh Milk

Farm Fresh Milk

It is pasteurized, which is a process of partial sterilization taking place at a low temperature; this allows the milk to retain its full flavor and nutrition. The entire process, from cow to sale, takes a mere day. How much fresher can you get? Schoch Dairy and Creamery also sells “Schocolate milk” (which, contrary to what some people believe, does not come from brown cows), and organic eggs. The hens producing these eggs are all antibiotic and artificial hormone free, and are kept in a large fenced area during the day and in a heated coop with individual nesting areas for each hen at night.

Schoch Dairy is located in a beautiful community of Helvetia, north from US 26, 15 minutes drive from downtown Portland: 24335 NW West Union Rd. Hillsboro, OR 97124.

Aside from coming to the farm for the delicious fresh products, I also like to visit the cows there, primarily the calves. Cows, unlike other animals, have babies year-round and not just in the spring. As such, there are always lots of calves at the farm. Customers of Schoch Dairy can visit and pet the calves, even the newborns! These calves are some of the friendliest, sweetest animals I’ve ever encountered; they’re practically puppies. It’s also possible to visit the older “teenaged” cows, who are very friendly as well. I’m sure we can all agree, though, that the babies are the cutest! Fair warning, they WILL lick you from head to toe (just like puppies!). Below are a couple of pictures of one of the newest babies. Enjoy, and visit her yourself soon!

It’s open from 7 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. You can just walk in, leave money ($4 per bottle of milk) in the jar and get a bottle of their amazing milk. Next time don’t forget to bring the empty bottle back. This way of running business is so unbelievingly human! I just love this place!

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