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Farm of the Month: 50Fifty Farm

No one would argue that young farmers are the future of agriculture and, consequently, the future of our planet and our health. We are extremely lucky because nowadays young American farmers are highly educated, strongly committed to sustainable and organic practices, and generous about giving back to the community.

Stephanie and Michelle’s farm is a great example of this. Their 50Fifty Farm is located in Camas, WA - about 25 miles from both Portland and Vancouver. They raise rabbits for meat and grow fruits and vegetables for their summer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

At 50Fifty farm, Stephanie and Michelle aim for a sustainable close-loop farm system. They use permaculture and a biodynamic approach, choosing what's best for them and their land.

Stephanie and Michelle are conscious of the amount of fossil fuels used on the farm and do their best to reduce their usage. The farm has two adorable mini donkeys that are being trained to help with plowing, tilling, and hauling items across the farm in the place of a tractor or car.

The farm also produces its own fertilizer from composted rabbit droppings, which is the best fertilizer for their CSA produce.

Besides being environmentally conscious, Stephanie and Michelle are also huge community supporters. The farm participates in food-for-justice programs, offers educational opportunities and reduced-cost CSA boxes, and donates half of its surplus to the Food Bank.

About the rabbit meat

It turns out that rabbit meat is one of the healthiest meat options currently available on the market, because it is high on protein and low on fat. Here is the nutritional value of rabbit meat in comparison to other types of meat, according to the USDA:

Rabbits require low to no antibiotics or other medications, meaning no chemicals that might be passed on to the consumer through the meat, and less stress for the rabbit.

For Stephanie and Michelle, raising heritage breed meat rabbit is a way to raise awareness of meat-raising practices and provide one of the most sustainable meat options that is currently available on the market. They specifically sought out Champagne d’Argent rabbits for their excellent meat and for the preservation of a rare heritage breed. This breed of rabbit has been recognized in France since the 1600’s. It has survived a dip in popularity in favor of more productive meat breeds only through the passion of other rabbit meat raisers.

50Fifty Farm’s rabbits are fed a combination of fresh weeds from the farm, complete organic nutritional pellets, and plenty of hay harvested from the farm’s own cover crops.

Currently, the farm has a limited supply to offer for sale. The owners will happily put your name on a separate email list to alert you of the availability of fresh healthy meat.


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