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The early access version of FarmGalaxy is available now on the Apple Store and Google Play

We are excited to announce the release of the early access version of FarmGalaxy – the mobile application that connects farmers and consumers!

FarmGalaxy offers an easy way to find farm stands, U-pick farms, and wholesale farms near your location for both iPhone and Android users. It makes local food more accessible to consumers and helps build stronger and healthier local communities. We believe that local food, produced by sustainable practices, tastes better, is healthier for people, and better for the environment.

With FarmGalaxy, consumers can browse farms around their current location, and refine their search by adjusting search range and product types. Consumers can also see real-time product availability and prices, get direct notifications from farmers about specials, and manage their orders and payments.

Farmers manage their own profiles, through which they can market their products directly to customers via real-time product visualization where farmers can set availability and prices, advertise specials, as well as manage orders and payments. FarmGalaxy helps farmers increase their profits by reaching more customers, selling excess products at retail prices, and making farm products more accessible to large numbers of consumers.

FarmGalaxy is currently available by invitation only and starts by serving Oregon; we will be adding other states soon. To download or just stay tuned, subscribe here.

To join as a farmer please contact us directly at


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