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Thank you for taking an interest in our App. FarmGalaxy takes pride in shaping the way people buy food, and we would love for you to mention us in one of your next pieces. Please check out our press kit below. Check out our database and see what you come across!



Launch of FarmGalaxy - Mobile App That Connects Eaters With Growers


We excited to announce the launch of FarmGalaxy, a mobile application that connects farmers and consumers in an exciting new way. FarmGalaxy uses cutting edge technology that allows consumers to discover farms around their current location and helps them find locally-grown food wherever they are. FarmGalaxy provides a marketing platform for farmers to help them build and maintain a direct and personal connection with their customers. FarmGalaxy offers farmers a competitive advantage and helps them grow their business by reaching more customers, selling excess products at retail prices, and saving costs of participating in farmers’ markets.

Currently FarmGalaxy covers California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona, and will grow nationwide, soon adding farms around other food hub areas.

“We at FarmGalaxy are strong believers in the local food movement: we believe that locally-grown food tastes better and is a healthier choice,” - explains FarmGalaxy Founder Nadia Minaev. “The food doesn’t travel a long distance to end up on our plates and, therefore, doesn’t require preservatives to stay fresh. Additionally, small farmers are more likely to use organic, natural, and sustainable practices, therefore creating a healthier alternative to traditional supermarkets and mega food producers. We intend to make farm fresh food accessible to everyone, to educate consumers about the benefits of eating local food, and to bring more people out to farms and support local farmers. FarmGalaxy makes “farm-to-table” an everyday reality and not just an occasional perk you get at a fancy restaurant!”

Currently local food lovers have to seek out farms on their own, performing an extensive web search to find one to visit. FarmGalaxy gives consumers an easy way to purchase food directly from the producer: open the app from anywhere and see where the closest farm is. FarmGalaxy provides an alternative to grocery store shopping. Soon consumers will also be able to place orders and pay through the app.

The internet is disrupting the way people purchase food. Looking for local food producers and making food purchases online has become mainstream for many health conscious consumers. Yet, most farms luck an online presence of any kind. FarmGalaxy gives farmers an easy-to-use technology to establish and expand their online presence, and reach more local customers to grow their business.


About FarmGalaxy: FarmGalaxy’s mission is to make local food easily accessible to everyone. We intend to innovate the way local food is distributed and consumed. We provide consumers and growers with a tool to build a better food system and maintain stronger and more sustainable local communities. For more information visit us at



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